A Wellness Event

Hello all! Hope everyone’s doing well…

A few weeks ago, I received an invite to attend Erba Vita’s launch event as they introduce their natural health line to the States. Today, I attended the fabulous luncheon and learned about some of their wellness products. I am definitely eager to try some organic health remedies and will do a follow-up post on how they work out for me.

Below was what happened today. Enjoy!

all white2I wore white on white with little pop of colors through accessorizing (nails, ring, bag). A stylish and professional look for an event.

hanging light bulbsAbsolutely stunning decor at Cinquecento. Clear light fixtures next to cherry blossom branches.

erba vita2There were several line of products including women’s health, stress management, and detoxification.


foodThey fed us well!

white lace skirt

fendiThis bag is perfect for Spring!

food2food6all whiteOutfit was ideal for weather in the 60’s.

food4food5erba vitaThanks Erba Vita for some fabulous products!

imperial jadeI am loving this nail color. So mintyyyy.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great night!


13 thoughts on “A Wellness Event

  1. love how the sweater and skirt are the same color but different fabrics making it more interesting!!


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