DIY Gold Chevron Vase

It’s known to mankind (aka the husband) that I hoard unnecessary random objects. To me they are absolutely NOT unnecessary. My motto has always been “You NEVER know when you might need them!” and I’m still standing behind this ideology. In our relationship, I’m ALWAYS right.

For instance, I like to keep empty glass bottles. Even Fish Sauce bottles! Before you conclude that I’m crazy or side with the husband, hear me out. Fish sauce bottles are fairly unique (although they look like any other empty glass bottles, but that’s besides the point). The one I kept actually has this cool logo mark embedded on the glass!

Anyhow, I like to upcycle my glass bottles and use them as vases. I think it’s so chic to have a flower branch or some sort just chilling outย  in one of these bottles. I usually have them lined up on my kitchen window sill.

Just recently, I decided to dress them up. I’ve been a huge fan of Chevron AND Gold and thought it would be neat to incorporate those obsessions onto my fish sauce bottle.

Here’s how it went down:

Printdiy gold chevron vase6What you’ll need. Btw, do you see that cool logo on the fish sauce bottle?

diy gold chevron vase7Overlap the tape strips in a continuous zigzag pattern.

diy gold chevron vaseTa-da! I’ve adorned my super stylish vase with a branch of gorgeous cherry blossoms.

diy gold chevron vase5I like that my chevron pattern is not perfect. It has an organic feel. Don’t worry if your pattern doesn’t come out symmetrical.

diy gold chevron vase3diy gold chevron vase4diy gold chevron vase2Only chevron and gold could make a fish sauce bottle look this good!

Hope you’ll try out this fabulous diy project.

Happy Friday!


30 thoughts on “DIY Gold Chevron Vase

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and I am so happy to have found this post! I work in the wine industry and use old bottles as vases, but now I have a way to spruce them up. Thank you so much for the lovely idea :)!


  2. What an amazing up-cycle project. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be certain to think twice before letting go of empty glass containers.


  3. My favourite part of this post is the “ta-da!” because it really reflects the playful attitude that you use to colour your life. In your eyes even the mundane fish sauce bottle is something beautiful with the potential to really shine – I love it!


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