House Hunting 1

For the longest time, we’ve called this cozy city condo our home. My husband bought the unit when he first started residency at Harvard medical school, with a resident’s budget. What I love most about our home is that our bedroom boasts tons of morning light, the Harbor is just a 2 mins walk away, our roofdeck has a million-dollar city skyline view, and heading into the city is just a 2 T stops away. Although we’ve shared many memories in this home, it’s time to move on.

We’ve outgrown the space, especially since Zoey has marked her territory! Now, with a new budget in mind, we are on a mission to find the home of our (my) dreams. I thought it would be fun to start a mini-series call “House Hunting.” Who doesn’t love to go house hunt? I’ll take you inside some of the units that we are considering. I’m curious as to how many House Hunting series I’ll post before finding the one that’s meant to be.

Today, we visited a Leed-certified (GREEN) unit in the city that has floor to ceiling windows with an insane city view! Very modern with clean lines, open floor plan, and lots of light. It was everything that I’ve ever wanted- 5 yrs ago.Β  But now, it’s not what we are looking for. It doesn’t have the charm, sophistication, and details that I would die for- marble fireplace mantels, clawfoot tubs, massive crown moldings, ceiling medallions, a private green space, bow-front windows, etc. This space just doesn’t have that FEEL, for me.Β 

Living in this condo would be like living in a hotel. With a 20K common terrace area, a lap pool, and 24 hr concierge.

See for yourself…

house huntingimages via my instagram. Also, I’m LOVING my new black/gold bow accessories! More on them later…

zoeyWe definitely need Zoey’s stamp of approval and for this one, she said “NO!”

What do you think of the space? Is modern your preference?


23 thoughts on “House Hunting 1

  1. This one wouldn’t be for me either, but then again I live in a 1930’s original state Dutch portiek house and it still have all the stained glass and original features which we love (ok one drawback is that the kitchen is too small).
    Good luck with the house hunting. πŸ™‚


  2. I live in NYC. I would die for this place. It would probably cost at least 7k to rent here…. Sad. It’s insane what people put up with for housing in this city.


  3. I’m new to your blog and absolutely love it. I’ve just got married, live in a flat in town, would love a modern, slick condo in the city centre but eventually with wanting to start a family in the future, we had to find a brand new house, we picked one in Duckinfield near Manchester, uk. … Yet I would still love the condo! πŸ˜‰


  4. Oh, house hunting. We recently purchased a home in Amsterdam, and were struggling if we should pick something a bit older ‘with charm’ or new and custom fitted. We found that the newer places were a bit sterile, but that’s par for the course in Holland. This looks like something from architectural digest! You can always add personal touches to make something like this speak to your style and your family. Clean lines and modernity suit you πŸ˜‰ Happy house hunting!


  5. Love the idea about you posting your house hunt as a series!! The one is this post is very nice, but I agree with you that it lacks a certain…something. But then I am not that much into modern style interiors. I am looking forward to your house hunting series — the pictures of Zoey’s reaction in the new places will be priceless!


  6. We are house hunting etc too, same reasons basically! It’s SO bittersweet, my children said there first words here, took their first steps, it’s where I experienced my first leaps into motherhood….we will rent out home (which terrifies me more probably) but I can’t understand your excitement and also tugs at the heart. Good luck on your journey to find the perfect home!


  7. As much as I liked this place , I do not feel it to be of my taste.
    I prefer cozy cramped sort of rooms. lot of dark colors and yellow light glows πŸ™‚

    + Zoey is so cute !



  8. Not really a fan of this one except for the windows which are amazing! I’d keep looking too! πŸ™‚


  9. I agree with your sentiments and these type of ‘modern’ apartments are just way to common and aplenty, it lacks personality, character… and as you put it, charm. Although, its quite near impossible to find something perfect, but I am sure you will find something you can work your personal magic touch once again! All the best to home-hunting!


  10. That’s so cute that she disapproved of it. I don’t like it either, not that it matters, but I watch a lot of HGTV so I feel like i need to give my two cents. The windows are huge, and while nice, I think it’s awkward, and so is the bathroom sink. I really hope you find the place you’re looking for. I live in a LEED-certified dorm and it’s like living in a hotel, too, and while that should be nice, I actually prefer the old brick buildings on campus that have that class dorm-lived-in feel. I guess this sleek modern thing is going out of style.


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