Berries And Peach Popsicles

I’m not much of an ice cream maker. I leave that role to my husband who would often make homemade ice cream in flavors such as raspberry and green tea during the summertime.

But now that Zoey’s in the picture, I thought about making something that’s simple, colorful, and delicious for her to enjoy as the weather gets warmer. And I did just that, yesterday!

I promise you, these berries and peach popsicles are the easiest, healthiest, and yummiest ever! Zoey can eat a ton of these and I know that she’s getting an ample dose of antioxidant goodness.

berries and peaches popsiclesMakes 6 Popsicles: 1. Into a blender add: 1 cup soy milk, 1 cup freshly frozen peaches, 1 tablespoon vanilla syrup 2. Blend ingredients until smooth (you’re basically making a smoothie) 3. Add fresh strawberry slices and whole blueberries into popsicle molds 4. Pour smoothie into the molds 5. Freeze and enjoy!

berries and peaches popsicles2Aren’t these so vibrant and fun?!

berries and peaches popsicles3Biting into the chunks of berries is the best part.

berries and peaches popsicles4I can’t wait to make and share more popsicle combinations! Talk about 100% guilt-free desserts!

Happy Wednesday!

Images by yours truly, Canon 5D Mark ii.


41 thoughts on “Berries And Peach Popsicles

  1. Yum! Never thought of putting a smoothie into Popsicle molds. Can’t wait to try these once the weather warms up!


  2. Yum Yum … yes please. But… I’ll almost certainly not make them. I have so many recipe books – look at the pictures, salivate, and then go make toast !!! x.


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