Date Night At Symphony Hall

Another year, another date night at the Symphony Orchestra. It’s been such a LONG time since my hubs and I had the opportunity to go on a date night. We have such anxiety leaving Zoey knowing how fussy she gets at night around her bedtime. But every year in May, the hubs gets invited to a Physicians Appreciation dinner & show at the Symphony Orchestra. This provides the perfect excuse for us to get out and spend time together solo without Ms. Z.

My sister was in town so she and Zoey spent the night at the sis-in-law’s place. It was actually a very nice change to do whatever (the hubs and I) knowing that we didn’t have to worry about Zoey. Truth is, she had a great time! I think she has forgotten about me or maybe she has learned that mommy always come back.

date nightI wore a nude palette. And YES, I do need a tan!

date night6I may be biased, but I think he’s part of one of the best medical teams in the world. Partners healthcare affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

date night8In LOVE with the ceiling details.

date night9date night3We took the “T” to the show. That’s the great thing about living in the city- the convenient public transit. Anyhow, how do you know when a man really loves you? When he ALWAYS saves the best cut of meat for you! That’s my hubs…always saying “Hunnie, try this, it’s the BEST part.”

date night7Performance was awesome! It just transcends you to another place.

date night4Proud to say my hubs is a smart man with dual doctorate degrees. We’ve dated since his very humbling days as a medical student (13 yrs ago!). I’m so proud of all his hard work and dedication…needless to say, it has paid off well. But you know what they said…“Behind every great man stands a great woman!”

date night2Btw- last week I asked my husband to chop 5 inches off my hair. It was his first time cutting my hair and I think he did a fabulous job! Do you know who cuts his hair? ME!! Been doing it for over a decade… NO, we are not hair stylists and YES, we are both a little insane. Would you trust your other half to touch your hair?

And here are some instagram shots:

date night instagramNow, time to go see our precious Zoey!! We’ve missed her so…I think.

Enjoy your weekend!


17 thoughts on “Date Night At Symphony Hall

  1. Love those shoes! I attempted to cut my BF’s hair once and that was the last time it will ever happen! A little traumatic for both of us. haha


  2. Looks like a great time. As for the hair cutting, I’ve cut mine and my kids for years now, but my hubby insists on going to the barber and hanging out with the guys. I think he’s secretly afraid for me to cut his hair.


  3. i love the shoes!!!! cute part of cutting ur hubby’s hair hehe i dont think my hubs will agree on this haha


  4. I regularly cut my boyfriends hair, he’s never dared cut mine though although i wouldn’t mind it (money is a little bit tight haha)

    I love love love your outfit! 😀 So pretty!


  5. I do!!! I ask my friends to cut my hair or I cut it myself if it wasn’t that great of a job… because it is way cheaper and I never knew what style to cut, so I always ended up with a trimming job.


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