Blueberry Almond Bagel

Sometimes the weather can be very insensitive and unkind. It doesn’t care that we already made plans. What was supposed to be a fun filled day at Martha’s Vineyard (biking around the island) this coming Memorial weekend might not happen. The almost perfect weather forecast has turned into far from perfect. Today has already show signs that it’s going to be gloomy, wet, and dreary for the next couple of days.

Seriously weather, do you have a heart of stone?!

At least this blue weather has inspired me to make a very blue breakfast. Comforting, healthy, and so perfect for mornings like these…

BLUEBERRY ALMOND BAGELDropped Zoey off at school and did a morning run to the grocery store where I picked up this yummy blueberry bagel. Added some toppings and it was ready to be devoured.

BLUEBERRY ALMOND BAGEL2Simple and oh so delish!

zoeyAnd this is how much Zoey LOVES cream cheese. She eats it straight from the tub!

On a side note: “Good Luck Hunnie!” He’s presenting a MAJOR presentation right about now!

Anyhow, I hope the weather on your side is kinder to you.

Happy Thursday!


11 thoughts on “Blueberry Almond Bagel

  1. Hopefully the weather will change for the better so you all can enjoy your outing, and I hope Hubby’s presentation goes perfectly! The bagel looks so yummy!


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