A Dinner Affair

Hello! How is everyone enjoying your Memorial Holiday? The weather has been horrible here in Boston…wet, gloomy, windy, and cold. So unlikely for this time of the year. We didn’t spend the weekend as planned but I did end up hosting a little dinner for 6 adults + 2 babies. It was a wonderful night spent w/ family.

DINNER2We spent 3 hrs chit chatting, laughing, and stuffing ourselves as French Jazz filled the air.

DINNERThankfully, today will actually be nice weather-wise! Hopefully we can take Zoey out to enjoy some outdoor activities.

Thanks for stopping by!

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10 thoughts on “A Dinner Affair

  1. Oh my!! Zoe is growing so fast!!! An amazing menu and lovely moments sharing with friends. These are the true treasures of life! Hugs……on a drizzly, dreary Memorial Day in S.E. MN………


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