Pink Peonies

Happy Sunday everyone! What are your plans for today? We are going to several open houses and spend most of our day in the city. For now, here’s an update on what’s happening on top of our kitchen drawers.

kitchen counter2Our “kitchen drawers” are actually shoe cabinets from Ikea. They are so narrow (great for tight spaces) and provide much needed additional storage for our kitchen knick-knacks. To make them more fancy, we replaced all the knobs with glass/brass ones from Anthropologie.

kitchen counter3Pink Peonies from our garden and Kusmi Tea from Paris!

And here are some pics of Zoey catching balloons yesterday at the Harbor Arts Festival.


Sometimes she is just too cute for words…

Have a great day!


17 thoughts on “Pink Peonies

  1. LOVE the enlarged picture of Paris! Feels like you’re there!! Such a good idea to use shoe cabinets as “kitchen drawers”. Also love how everything is white, making it clean and modern!


  2. Looks so pretty! I love all the white. I just recently got all white porcelain dishes. It’s amazing how much they make my kitchen look cleaner and they make food pop!


  3. You just gave me an idea for a simple but nice gift to mom, Pink flower stuck in a white whatever you call where you put the flowers. Makes a good contrast. I feel gay.


  4. Love how you replaced the knobs from Anthro.; completely changes the look of the cabinets into an elegant kitchen piece! And, I can’t believe those peonies are from your garden; they are beautiful! I’d love to be able to grow them in my garden one day πŸ™‚


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