House Hunting 4

If we don’t end up getting a Brownstone home with Victorian period details then I wouldn’t mind a stylish loft either. I’m not talking about the super contemporary concrete/steel type but rather something with a lot of character and old charm. Preferably with huge open space, brick walls, and arch windows. These types of lofts are sometimes converted from old churches or schoolhouses. Their structure and physical appeal are unique and can’t be found in modern buildings.

Last week, we visited a loft that was easily the one of my dreams. It had massive arch windows, 16 foot ceilings, and a spacious 2nd floor mezzanine. In addition, b/c it was a penthouse unit, the master bedroom led out to a private roof deck. There were even deeded parking spaces (2!) and a HUGE walk-in closet. I would never have to worry about a spacious home for my shoes AND handbags ever again. 

Here’s a look at the loft which was converted from a schoolhouse built in the late 1800’s:

house hunting 4a

house hunting 4b

Although this space seemed perfect with the extra bonus that it was below our budget, the location wasn’t ideal. I thought the walk to the T was a bit far and I can’t imagine my Z growing up in this neighborhood. You know what they say “location, location, location!” So our search for the perfect home continues…

BUT if we were to buy this place, I would be inclined to decorate it somewhat like the spaces below. I love the white, light and airy feel to them! (click on image for source)


loft 2

What do you think about this particular schoolhouse loft compare to house hunting 1, 2, and 3?

On a side note, Zoey couldn’t get enough of the black Herman Miller lounge chair. At 5K+ a piece, ain’t no way that’s gonna make it onto our ‘new home furnishing list.’

Although I totally wouldn’t mind this white one which is on sale! Hunnie…are you reading?!

eames lounge

Happy Monday!


16 thoughts on “House Hunting 4

  1. It looks fantastic, with just the right mix of modern and old charm! But you’re right about the location — the most beautiful palace can turn into a place of dread if you don’t like where it is.


  2. That space is gorgeous. I am sure if that ends up being “the one” for your family, you will make it your own beautiful space that shows off your personal taste.


  3. OH MY! love this loft. My husband & I lived in a loft for a few years that was a Cotton Mill before. 3 huge brick walls and the original hardwood floors– Miss it so much!


  4. It used to be a school? I would have such a hard time saying no to that. It’s a nice place, but location does matter.


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