DIY Gold and White Bowls

Ever saw something gorgeous and thought “I can make that!”? Well, not exactly make it but create something similar that was inspired by it? 

When I saw this…

capacious hungry bowl shophorneI was completely inspired to make this…

diy gold and white bowls92

Here’s the easy how to: 

diy gold and white bowls5aIn my opinion, every self-proclaimed diy’er needs to own a can of gold spray paint. I’ve done such amazing and easy projects with it. And it lasts like…forever!

diy gold and white bowls6

Peonies, pinks, and pearls. They’re a girl’s best friends. 

diy gold and white bowls8The peonies in our garden are blooming full force.

diy gold and white bowls7For now, my bowls are helping me organize my jewels.

diy gold and white bowls94

Pretty pale pinks by Essie. 

diy gold and white bowls93Every gal needs a fabulous strand of pearls.

diy gold and white bowls9This is such a fun, pretty, and simple diy. A must try!

Have a great night to all…


36 thoughts on “DIY Gold and White Bowls

  1. Very beautifully done!
    Here is a little trick to get a rich gold look – start by painting a deep red on your surface, let it dry and then spray gold over the top.


  2. This is a great DIY! They look professional and it’s so easy! I love the idea of having a bowl like that in the entryway for your keys or on the dresser for my everyday jewelry. Great post!


  3. Completely agree! I have been on this gold kick lately. I literally walk around my house with a can of Gold spray paint looking for things to spray!!


  4. Wow, what a cool DIY! I am going to grab a spray paint can of gold paint my next trip to the crafts store. Don’t be surprised if you see me posting images everything I’ve sprayed gold :). Thanks for sharing your beautiful aesthetic.


  5. Haha, I agree with your statement that every diy-er needs to own a can of gold spray paint! I’ve gone through lots of those–always empty when I look for them. This project is beautiful and I love how you photographed it with the soft pink peonies. Exquisite.


  6. Gorgeous Kellie! 🙂 you did a great job with these bowls, I am into gold accessories too at this moment! just updated old home office accessories with some gold leaf and gold spray paint to beautify them! 🙂 your Peonies look beautiful!


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