DIY Rose Balls

This post is way overdue! For my sister’s wedding, we made rose balls for the reception hall. Initially, we thought about using fresh carnations b/c they are sturdy and would last the entire day. However, we had problems with finding foam balls for fresh flowers (at least in the quantity that we wanted!). A revision had to be made so we thought about using red silk roses instead. 

diy rose ball95

diy rose ball6We strung a combination of rose balls and pom-poms using crystal beads. 

diy rose ball5a(we also made some light-colored floral balls)

diy rose ball92Even our tiniest helper rolled up her sleeves and got dirty! Zoey made some square ones…

diy rose ball9Because we were preparing for our sister’s wedding night and day for 1 week straight, Starbucks overload was a must!

Hanging the balls at the dessert table: 

diy rose ball7diy rose ball96

diy rose ball93Mr. & Mrs. Zhu.

And here are a few gorgeous images of their day via HazelDelight:



Have a great day!


13 thoughts on “DIY Rose Balls

    1. Hi- I really can’t remember b/c we made sooo many!! However, if I have to guess…and these red balls are the smaller ones, perhaps 30-40 roses. It also depends on how full your roses are. The bigger ones will take up more surface area so you’ll need less. Have fun making them! Best, Kellie


  1. What a great idea. I love how it turned out. I’ve been making tissue paper pom poms and I now will have to add rose balls in the mix. I think they will
    Compliment each other. Thanks for sharing.


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