FREE Initial Nursery Prints!

I recently stumbled on this site called OnToBaby and saw the cutest nursery prints. The best thing about it? It’s absolutely FREE!! All you need are some paper and a color printer to create these adorable initial nursery prints. 

zoey printI made one for Zoey (green for her birthstone color)

initial nursery artThey are fairly simple to create. Just choose your two colors of choice, enter in baby’s (or yours) name and voila! Imagine the endless color combinations. 

Below is my name in Tiffany Blue. 


And a gray one for baby boy, Noah: 

noahClick here or any of the above images to make your very own!

And here’s another nursery art style that’s soo adorbs…

maddieClick here to make the circles initial nursery art print.  Don’t you think these free printables make the PERFECT baby gifts?!! Just frame them and you’re all set. 

Happy Thursday!


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