A Friday Hello!

Just a quick hello with some of my favorite and newly acquired items…

friday helloLife for me has been looking quite cheerful and sunny. I hope yours has been too!

friday hello2In love with this gold metal object.

friday hello3friday hello4Happy Friday to all!

PS. If you’ve been following our House Hunting adventure, we’ve kind of slowed it down. Apparently, we are being super choosy and will only look at spaces that we are absolutely serious about. Which means, it has to meet at least 98% of our expectations. Time is precious and no wasted time here! 


15 thoughts on “A Friday Hello!

  1. Beautiful! and being super choosy is good. You don’t want to do something so serious that you don’t absolutely like.


  2. Yellow always reminds me of sunshine and summer. Your photographs are beautiful, they would brighten up my day! Enjoy your weekend!


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