Spring At The Harbor (VIDEO)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I’m excited to share this video…it’s long overdue as I started on it months ago but have been delaying the final edits. 

“Just a few clips of our Spring adventure in the span of three non-consecutive days taken at a park overlooking the Boston Harbor. Mr. Perfect recorded the video clips (Canon 5D Mark ii) and I edited them in Adobe Premier.

The film starts off mid-day and highlights the Cherry Blossoms and all their fallen petals and ends at night as we walk off just after sunset.

Hope you’ll enjoy this little fun film!”

Make sure you click on HD for best viewing (if not, it will be fuzzy!).

Spring At The Harbor from Le Zoe Musings on Vimeo.

And here’s the direct link (VIMEO): Spring At The Harbor

YOUTUBE link: Spring At The Harbor

Have a great night!


16 thoughts on “Spring At The Harbor (VIDEO)

  1. It’s sooo beautiful~ Zoey is cute as usual – it’s super cute when she did that “come to me” gesture on the swings, and many many things. A lot of precious moments here.


  2. So beautiful, you have so many creative talents! How did the Mr learn to film so well? I really struggle with filming with my DSLR especially with the focus. Any tips would be much appreciated!


    1. Hi Brandie- I use Adobe Premier. I’m still a beginner as this is only my 2nd time trying out the program. I’m sure that are lots more that I can learn!


  3. Love this Video – how adorable!
    I have just started my own blog….so might needs some hot tips on completing video footage. Nothing like capturing great memories.
    Your site is beautiful.


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