A Complete Smoothie

Hello! Hope everyone’s doing well. Today, I saw the house of MY DREAMS. It’s everything that I’ve ever wanted and immediately felt a connection and a huge desire to call it “our home.” Both the hubs and I agreed that this is IT.  And honestly, a house with such character and charm (5 original marble fireplaces, 14′ feet ceilings, massive ceiling medallions) doesn’t come by that often…if at all. 

One problem. It’s OVER our budget. Now we contemplate…should we try our best to make it work (will there ever be a space like this ever again on the market?) or we sadly let it go? I’ll do a House Hunting post on it soon…but if you want to see what the craziness is about, I will be posting pics of the space on my Instagram by the end of the day. Click here to follow me there, if you wish!

Anyhow, when I got home I was starving! W/o any food in the house, I whipped up a smoothie which I call A Complete Smoothie b/c it literally has everything that a healthy meal would. The difference? I can make it in less than 3 mins and satisfy my hunger. 

A complete shake2

A complete shakeSo there are no exact measurements here. I just threw a couple of this and that (of the ingredients above) into my Vitamix. Almonds and soymilk are such good protein sources. Anti-oxidants from the blueberries, etc. You won’t taste the spinach I swear!

A complete shake3Next time, hunger pangs hit…try this!

Have a great Tuesday. 


10 thoughts on “A Complete Smoothie

  1. Fantastic smoothie, but I have to tell you… that house is AWESOME !! Yeah, I would fiddle with the budget and eat ramen for a year to get into that little slice of heaven ! Good luck with the balancing act. =)


  2. That’s great! I’ve been meaning to make a smoothie all morning. I hope you can figure out the house or find one equally as wonderful within your price range. That’s tough.


  3. If it’s love at first sight, just go for it! If you don’t, you might always look back and think about that house! And, delicious smoothie!


  4. I totally agree with you on the spinach in the morning smoothie…you don’t taste it but you know it is adding so much goodness. A couple of my other favourite additions are dates and china seeds / ground flax seed…just so I can feel extra virtuous :). Good luck on the house and looking forward to future posts on that front…


  5. I say go for it! That smoothie seems like it has everything in it to survive – just live of a smoothie a day for all your health needs and what you don’t spent on your normal food bill means you can afford your dream.
    We are building a new home soon…can’t wait to see your photos for some hot ideas!


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