Black, White, and Gold

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you had a wonderful July 4th. I’ve been concentrating on other new exciting departments in life that I’ve been a little inconsistent w/ LZM postings. Time has been my enemy a lot lately. Many changes still not yet finalized but will share once fate, luck, moon, and the stars are aligned. 

Amongst the craziness, here’s one image from my Pinterest that tends to take me to a zenful and joyful place. A breathtaking black, white, and gold-mirrored wall art. And isn’t that low hanging chandelier just absolutely gorgeous?

click on image for source

wall artI vow to have something like this in my future home! Possibly in my dressing room…

Have a great weekend!

PS. Less than 3 days and we are heading to Paris! The packing has already begun. Woohoo!!


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