Thai Iced Tea

Are you a fan of Thai Iced Tea? You know that pretty orange tea often served at Thai restaurants? Well, I certainly am but tend to cringe at the price tag that comes w/ them. This is b/c I know how EASY and inexpensive it is to make. I don’t like to pay more than like $2 bucks for things I know I can make equally as well or even better! This is the practical (not cheap) side of me speaking!

THAI ICED TEAI am also pretty picky about my Thai Iced Tea. I HATE it when restaurants serve them premixed. The cool thing about them is when you add the cream, it has this pretty white to orange gradient action going on. I like to see that, then stir, thank you very much.

If not, then what’s the point?

THAI ICED TEA2And after you stir the drink, the tea has this creamy orange color.

Anyhow, you can find Thai tea leaves sold in a clear bag (usually bulk sized) at any Oriental Market. It will be labeled “Thai Tea” so you can’t confuse it w/ any other teas.  Steep at a very concentrated level (ice and cream will lightened the flavor) then add in desired amount of sugar and stir.  Allow the tea to completely cool (I put it in the fridge overnight). When ready to be served, add ice and cream…enjoy!

Perfect for scorching summer days! Hope you’ll try it out.

PS. Be very careful when handling the tea leaves. I believe it contains an orange reddish dye that can stain your fingers AND clothes.


10 thoughts on “Thai Iced Tea

  1. I haven’t heard of Thai Tea before but I am a huge tea drinker and I love iced teas and coffee! Thanks for this post, it looks delish and I will def pick up a bag of Thai tea leaves next time I am at the Oriental Market!


  2. When I posted a photo of this ice cream on Facebook , a lot of guesses included cantaloupe, sweet potato, and even carrot! Those actually all sound pretty delicious (and my next projects) but for now, this is Thai iced tea ice-cream… ya know, like those delicious drinks you see at Thai restaurants? Orange on the bottom, milk on top, and you have the honor of swirling the two together and slurping it all up.


  3. I’m not a fan of Thai Tea’s, probably coz i don’t drink milk.(I’m a huge tea drinker though – ask Caroline from Style of the Side, she know’s! 😉 )
    But i loved your first photo a lot. Very creative, you def make one of the best blog pictures, that I’ve seen around.


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