PARIS, here she comes…

Today’s THE day! Daddy’s taking his girls to PARIS!!

This will be Zoey’s first time to the City of Love/Lights. I’m sooo excited to get to share this experience with her. Afterwards, this little globe trekker will head to Italy where she’ll stay at 3 different farms in Tuscany (Florence), Bologna, and Padua. We are also so excited to see Venice and hopefully get to ride in the romantic gondalas.

Zoey’s last stop will be Lisbon, Portugal! A breathtaking city along the Atlantic coast. We are very much looking forward to the River Food Market and visiting the hilly small villages of Alfama (known for its maze-like narrow streets) for Fado nights.

z paris4It’s amazing how much she looks like daddy here!

z paris2

z parisI literally DIED when I saw this shirt. It couldn’t be more perfect for this occasion…

z paris5

z paris3Can’t wait to share pics/videos of our trip!

In the meantime, I will be documenting our adventures on Instagram. So follow me  HERE for instant happenings from Europe!

PS. Don’t worry, I’ve scheduled posts for while I’m away. LZM will still be present in the midst of being absent!


30 thoughts on “PARIS, here she comes…

  1. Have a great trip! Sounds like you’re going to so many great places and going to see so many amazing things! You’re daughter will love it! Enjoy!


  2. I have been following your blog for a year now and cannot believe how much Zoe has grown. She’s such a cutie. I’m so jealous of your upcoming trip but am excited that you’ve got this great blog I can read and look pictures of it.


  3. I lived in Florence for 6 months a few years ago and it was the best time of my life! La Carraia gelateria is the best in the city. Bologna is also beautiful! I’ve never been to Portugal, but your itinerary sounds fabulous. Enjoy!


  4. I loved Venice, we were luckily to go in April before the smelly summer (hopefully it will be fine of you since it has been a cooler summer so far). If you are in Lisbon my favorite places are Ericera (a cute coastal village) and the moors castle in Sintra (you will love the mosaics, several walls of the castle and gardens).


  5. Wow I love Paris! Paris was my first time leaving the USA! It is such a beautiful place!! This little one is lucky to go & she is beautiful 🙂 have fun!


      1. yes, it is so darn cute!!! lols, you cudn’t resist yourself, could you? I was trying to decide if I could resist putting it on a baby girl if I have one.


  6. Amazing trip destinations!!! I was living in the UK but now I’m back home in Lisbon for the summer. I can recommend some places for you to visit if you’d like! I can say that when my friends visit they all love it soo much 🙂


          1. Sure!!! You must visit Chiado, Bairro Alto and Alfama. Those for me are the most beautiful old Lisbon spots and more traditional neighborhoods filled with character. If you can take the 28 tram that would be amazing to check the old part Depending on which type of food you prefer, these old parts have a nice cheap selection of eclectic food from indian, chinese, italian and very typical portuguese spots with fado and all. If you want a more ethnic experience I would recommend a spot at Martim Moniz which is very multicultural. All of these spots are close to one another and you can see them all in a day by walking or taking the trams. If you want a beach day here is a link with my fav spots and If you need directions or info on any of them let me know. We have lots of museums and attractions in lisbon. Since you like fashion I would recommend the MUDE design and fashion museum. You must also check the Belém region and see the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos Cathedral and Belém tower and Padrão dos Descobrimentos. If you do a search for lisbon on my blog you can check photos from all these places. I’m available to show you around if you’d like some company, I know your with your family and perhaps only want a family day, that’s great too!!! Let me know if you need any more info!! Have a blast in Lisbon!!


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