Displaying Clothes

One day, I will have the dressing room of my dreams. And in it, will be a rack full of fabulous clothes. Not hidden in the closet, but out on display. As in a work of art. 

Here are a round-up from my Pinterest board, Dressing Room, of how beautiful and stylish a space can look with clothes as the main focal point. 

click on image for source. 

clothes rack

clothes rack2

clothes rack3

clothes rack4

clothes rack5

clothes rack6

clothes rack7

clothes rack8

clothes rack9

clothes rack10I hope these have inspired you to jump-start your own closet makeover. Which one is your Fav? Mine is the last image. It’s so breathless…the dress, the dark wood floors, white brick walls, and massive windows in what appears to be a magnificent loft!

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Have a wonderful one. 


11 thoughts on “Displaying Clothes

  1. this is what I am going for in my new house. just moved into a small bungalow and the bf and i are trying to consolidate and make sense of the tiny space we will now call home. i am thinking a laundry room/walk in closet down stairs. clothes on display everywhere! cannot wait! love all these ideas.


  2. What a beautiful and inspiring selection. I love that you chose some with an eclectic mix of clothes and colours, like a real-life closet would have, so that a person can see that it really could be done. I know my whole wardrobe isn’t in one colour scheme!


  3. I have the whole separate dressing room only for my clothes around 16 sqm, this space is enough to put a bed and sleep there, but it’s not enough for clothes, it’s true, I always have a problem I don’t know where to put new items. All these pictures are so beautiful but look there are not so many clothes just a little:)


  4. Not sure if you’ve heard of the Youtubers Elle and Blair Fowler, but they’ve done this. I thought the concept was interesting, as it reminds me of not having a closet and keeping my clothes on a rack in my in-laws basement. Perhaps this will change my perspective 🙂


  5. My favourite is picture number 8. It appeals to the organiser in me and I can imagine all my clothes hung up and folded away neatly behind those cupboard doors.
    Fab post!


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