The Z Update

Zoey is growing up FAST! She’s a silly little girl who dances (and cries) on demand. She’s able to understand both languages (Vietnamese & English) and can identity her body parts and many animals in the two languages. We are so proud of her!

Zoey was one of those toddlers who would not eat a single morsel (but loves her bottle) to one day out of the blue begin to eat everything! Now, we can’t stop her. One of her favorite foods is cream cheese straight out of the container. I have to cringe and pull it away from her each time. 

z cream cheese

She’s definitely showing signs of being a neat freak as she screams for mercy when her hands get any tinge of food remnants or if she steps on a piece of dust. Sometimes, her screams are so intense…I would rush to her thinking she got hurt. NOPE! It’s just that her tiny hands got dirty!! In addition, she often uses her baby wipes to wipe the floors. Gotta make sure they are squeaky clean!

zoey floor3

A last piece of update…she LOVES daycare! I remember writing about the time when I first put her in. It was so tough, especially when she would stare at me wailing with tears rolling down. I felt so guilty and wondered if I was doing the right thing. Turns out, it was the BEST thing that I could’ve done for her. She’s more social, has less anxiety, and feels confident to be by herself as long as mommy comes back. And mommy always come back. Nowadays, she runs into the classroom and doesn’t even look back, ever. Bittersweet. 

Below are a few shots of us recently chilling at daddy’s workplace. Once again, she digs for food. After we hung outside at the bench, we stopped by daddy’s office. Needless to say, Zoey was a rascal in the office…

z on instagramAnd as you are reading this, Zoey is enjoying her first visit to Paris!!

Thanks for stopping by. 

images via instagram


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