Want to create a space that’s instantly whimsical and full of life? Just add pom-poms! I can’t think of a more inexpensive decor than these paper floral balls. 

Here are a few ideas, round-up from my Pinterest boards.

Click on image for source. 

pom-pomsThis is my dream child’s room for Zoey! It is perfect in every single way. 




Making these beauties is fairly simple using tissue paper. Georgia from Before The Big Day shows you how in 4 easy steps: 

making pom-pomsmaking pom-poms2For more detailed directions on this diy, click here

Hope you’ll give these a try!


10 thoughts on “Pom-Poms

  1. It is such a coincidence that I read this post today! This morning I went out and got tissue paper to make some of these for my son’s first birthday. 😀 They are so cute, and look easy to make.


  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I knew something was missing from the plans for my daughter’s upcoming princess/cowgirl birthday party and I think this was it!
    (And I’m kind of toying with the idea of using the little ones for my computer monitor to brighten my work space.)


  3. We made a gazillion of these for my cousin’s wedding 2 years ago! They are so cute and I have always wanted to make some for Maddie’s room but have never gotten around to it.


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