I’ve been seeing a lot of these unique round white stoves in many home pictures and wondered where they originated. Well, they are called “Kakelugn” which means tile stove or contra-flow stove in Swedish.

How cool do they look?!

Round up from my Pinterest board, Abode.

kakelugn3This is a classic Scandinavian style round ceramic stove.

kakelugn2kakelugnKungsholm_modellSo what do you think about these Kakelugns? Please share your thought!

I am obsessed beyond words w/ Scandinavian designs and white interior spaces so I certainly wouldn’t mind having one of these! A girl can dream…


14 thoughts on “Kakelugn

  1. As a Swede I must say that this is a part of our tradition and I love them! They bring a lot of heat and has the cosy factor no1!!! Many of the old apartments inside Stockholm city has these once still and they work as well. 🙂 They comes in a lot of different styles and models as well but these are the traditional once.


  2. Many old houses in Finland have kakelugns as well and I love them. I used to live in a studio apartment that had one, the house was built in the 1860’s. Unfortunately many of the old kakelugns are not in use anymore, but one can always put candles inside to create a cozy feeling 🙂


  3. I’ve grown up with those kinds of fireplaces – I’m from Sweden. So for me, I’m not that fund of them. I think you should check out this blog http://hojdgrand.blogspot.se/ , it’s all written in Swedish but there are some nice pictures of white interior designs and D.I.Y. – stuff too. Think you might like it.


  4. I had no idea Kakelugn was the name for those! They look so regal, especially because they’re practically in every château in France.


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