Home Sweet Home

After what felt like a lifetime spent halfway across the world, I’m so ecstatic to be back home! We took Ms. Precious to visit France, Italy, and Portugal and although we had loads of fun, I’ve concluded that we shall never ever plan a vacay for more than 7 days. Any longer than that, I begin to get really homesick…

Still recouping from the time difference, I’m hoping to be back on my blogging A-game soon. Aside from up-keeping LZM, there are many exciting things going on in life both personally and professionally that I’ll share when the right time comes.

For now, here’s a tiny glimpse of our visit to the City of Love.

zoey paris2We visited the Eiffel Tower the night prior leaving to Italy. Zoey will probably not remember her first trip to Paris but at least she’ll have the photographs to remind her!

zoey parisZoey and her beret on the romantic streets of Paris! Outfit by Janie & Jack– I love that store for sweet baby ensembles.

Much more from our trip to come…

Have a great Thursday!


14 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Beautiful pictures! I would love to take a longer family trip one day but I think it will be hard work with three kids so we have decided to wait until the youngest is a bit older. But you’re right – one of the best bits about going away is realising how much you love home!


  2. Lovely. I sympathize with your issue with longer trips, though. They are easy when you are young and traveling with parents or university age, but after that I find a week is perfect before I start getting antsy for all the things to do back home.


  3. I wonder if I’d be able to travel longer than that, either. But I’m pretty much at home wherever my husband is so as long as we’re together I think I’d feel home. But I’ve only been where we live 6 years, so I’m not completely attached to it! πŸ™‚


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