Burberry Lips

Hello! It’s been such a busy busy last couple of days. I find myself a little lacking in the LZM department but hope to be back on track with more consistent postings soon! Life has been running at 100 miles/hr and I’m just plain ‘ol exhausted…

Zoey and I just flew down to visit my family in Florida. It’s always good seeing everyone and having massive late night dinner gatherings. Last night we had a pool party at my sister’s new home. Such a great reunion. 

Anyhow, that was my tidbit update about what’s happening at the moment. 

While in Portugal, I spotted a new line of cosmetics by Burberry and felt the need to check it out. I had no idea that Burberry even started a make-up line! At that same time, I was searching for something to bring back for the future sis-in-laws and for a few ladies in my life whom I deeply admire. I tried on their lip glosses and fell in love with the colors. 

burberry lips2

Needless to say, I grabbed a handful of these pretty beauties for the ladies back home. They make such perfect little gifts. 

burberry lipsThe colors come out sheer w/ just the perfect hint of color. 

burberry lips3I loveee this bright pink one. So summery…

Are you a fan of lip glosses, if so what’s your Fav color/brand? Please share! 

PS. The lady at the counter told me that currently New York is the only state (at this time) that carries Burberry cosmetics. A nice fact to know!


9 thoughts on “Burberry Lips

  1. So feminine and luxurious! They look gorgeous.

    In high school, I was once referred to as “the girl with the shiny lips.” That’s how much I love lip gloss. Right now, I’m addicted to the NYX butter glosses. -Erin


  2. we must be very lucky in KL Malaysia then:)) We can get Burberry cosmetics at Suria KLCC, the twin tower, inside the shopping mall *_^ love the colours. They have very nice make-up tutorials on youtube too!


  3. The colours are amazing. The bright pink one is just lovely. pink is my favourite colour on lipgloss. I will try these out as well. thanks for sharing.


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