Friday Tidbits

I can’t believe it’s already Friday and we are heading back home tomorrow! I can’t wait to go back to normal life and live my usual routine. It’s been too long. I’m certainly not the type of person who likes to live adventurously and out of a suitcase. 

Anyhow, here are a few instagram shots taken in sunny Florida…

lzm teaHaven’t been feeling my best so I’ve been overdosing on ginger, lemon, and honey tea. 

lzm coconutMy dad chopped some coconuts from my sis’s house and we’ve been spoiled with fresh coconut drinks since. 

lzm kaleUncle Larry baked these AMAZING kale chips. Seriously, one of the best things ever.  Uber crispy, light, and yummy. I’m hoping to do a full post on it soon (I’ll give it a shot and share the recipe). From my understanding, it’s really simple and oh soooo healthy!

Have a great weekend!

PS. 4 followers short of 11K followers on WordPress alone! Thanks so much for following & reading over the past 1.5yrs. I’m grateful and very humbled. Are there any subjects that you would want to see more of? I’m taking suggestions…


8 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. so glad you’re back and had a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Also, I’d love to know how you take such beautiful photos…especially of such simple things around your house!


  2. Wow! 11k on WordPress… Some tips on the secret to your success would be great 😉 however we already know your talent plays a key factor 🙂 have a great weekend and safe travels back 🙂


  3. I could not agree more with sedrate regarding the pictures!!! They are AMAZING!!! What about a photoshop or actual photo-taking post to learn how to take beautiful pictures like these. I am especially interested in close ups of decoration and food as well as lighting!!!


  4. I would suggest more of those super pretty looking and delicious food recipes and decorating tips.


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