Alleyway in Paris

Life might finally return to normalcy again! It feels familiar and so good to sit in front of MY computer. I work so much faster knowing where all the programs are. Love me some efficiency.

Here’s the first official post of our recent adventures in Paris. After sipping on lattes & enjoying the flakiest croissants ever, we headed to the oldest food market in Paris called Le Marche Des Enfants Rouges. On our way, we maneuvered through the quaint stylish alleyways of Paris.

kelliezoeyMs. Z is growing fast and getting heavy. Soon, I won’t be able to hold and walk this little precious one … in heels.

kelliezoeybWe also spotted this cool huge red door on the way. Needless to say, Zoey was in great spirits (for some reason) as she was clapping and just cheering on!

kelliezoeya… And then at one point she got really somber. I love how the hubs was able to capture all these emotions.

kelliezoeycZoey has always been a very affectionate person. She often grabs my neck, pulls it in really tight, and gives me tons of sweet kisses.  I wish that this habit of hers never stops…

Thanks for stopping by & have a great Sunday!


5 thoughts on “Alleyway in Paris

  1. She is getting so big. I love that you have all of these photographs that you two can look back on in the future. If my mom had documented my childhood this much…


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