House Hunting…No More!

If you have been following my House Hunting Series, you’ll probably noticed that I haven’t posted an updated series in a while. The reason? We fell head over heels with the house in House Hunting 6 and have done everything in our power to make it ours. We succeeded and over the weekend, we moved into the home of our dreams!

This didn’t come easy, however. Because the house was over our budget, there were many moving parts that ALL have to come together in order for this purchase to happen. After months of what felt like many emotional / stressed-out roller coaster rides, we did it! As my husband and I put it, this house was meant to be ours. It was sheer fate (and luck in some parts) that everything worked out as planned. 

zoeZoey looking out the window of our new home!

So the renovation and the decorating begins… 

Stay tuned for many before & after home renovation posts as we transition into making this space truly the home of our dreams! Follow me on Instagram if you want to follow the instant happenings.

I’ll also be pinning decor inspirations to my Pinterest board, Abode.

Needless to say, life is quite hectic in all departments right now so I apologize for such inconsistent postings. Hopefully, I’ll get my groove back on…soon. 

Click here for House Hunting 6 where I take you inside the home (pre-renovation). Thanks for following this series!


29 thoughts on “House Hunting…No More!

  1. I just recently started following you (around the time you got to view your dreamhouse), SO glad you got it! It’s absolutely lovely! Congratulations, can’t wait to see the fun part…decorating! And zoe…ah, she’s too adorable, love her! Grace and good vibes from a new follower, xo!


  2. Fantastic! I cannot wait to see what you are going to do with this, having seen so much of your aesthetic taste, now that you have the perfect space to work it in. All the best in your new home.


  3. Wow how exciting! I can’t wait to see the pictures, you’ve got such fabulous taste. We’re not moving, but planning to renovate next year so I’m sure I’ll get lots of inspiration. Wish you lots of happiness in your new home. Xoxo


  4. Congratulations on such fantastic news, so pleased for you and thank you for sharing. Me and my husband just got back from a weekend in Paris and moved straight to our new home (Manchester, UK). In such a short time I left my beloved city centre appartment for a 3 store house by a golf court wayyyyyy over our budget. So many thoughts and doubts and fears but it’s nice to see I’m not alone. People take that step, whatever this might be, every day all over the world… “La Fortuna aiuta gli Audaci”… Time to let a new chapter begin! … Can’t wait to read all about your decorating tips!!! Milly


    Reading back on my comment in house hunting no. 6 ~ this house was truly meant to be yours 😀 Everything fell into place for you and this house will be your home for many generations to come ~ XO!
    Have lots of fun during the process, keep it together and stay sane 😉


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