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Work Life

My life has been running full speed. New house. New job. After almost 3 yrs of being a full-time mommy, I’ve transitioned into a full-time working lady. Although some days I dashed to work before Zoey wakes up, I’m grateful that I’m doing what I really really LOVE. It makes all the difference in the world and sometimes even makes guilty mommy moments worth it. Not only that, I’m surrounded by the most amazing and inspiring team. How lucky am I?

I’m thrilled to share that I’m the Creative Producer for the FAB start-up company Gloss48, a members-only online beauty site that hosts flash sales of cult beauty products. Currently, the new team is working painstakingly hard to re-launch the site. 

Prior to our first official work day, the G48 Chiefs welcome their new team by inviting us to a beauty inaugural party which consists of hairdos, shopping, and makeovers at The Candy Bar.    SERIOUSLY

Here’s the team getting all made up:


Talk about a major candy cosmetic store!


A selfie after getting my hair did!

Here’s a peek inside our AH-MAZING office space:

lzm3A chocolate drawer, oh yes! Because like time, chocolate heals all wounds (including Monday blues)

lzm4And as if a chocolate drawer wasn’t enough, here’s the snack drawer. B/c us ladies like to grub…all day long!

lzm5Chit-chat area. 

lzm6Work bulletin.

lzm7Enjoying an early morning cup of tea. 

lzm8Beautiful Brit took this shot as I’m working on editing some photos. Can you spot the tub full of yummy b-day cake in the background?!


A work outfit consisting of a super comfy tee (actually it was 2 sizes too tight), a cozy cardigan (for weathering the 60’s morning temp), side zippered leggings, leather booties, and a Prada tote. Yes, you always want to finish with a fabulous bag!

I will follow-up with an official BTS (behind the scenes) post of our new office space/life on Gloss48’s blog, The Glossy Pages, soon! Do expect wonderful eye-candy pictures that you are used to seeing here on LZM.  Follow the Glossy Pages to get the latest updates on everything beauty related and follow our BTS life at the office!

And lastly, here’s a tiny update on our new home:


Our space is still fairly empty. This zebra chair/ottoman set is our first major furniture move-in. The pink-tinted wall color will soon be an airy chic white, thank you very much. 

lzm92Our precious Z is enjoying her new home!

Beautiful photos of our new home coming your way…

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. You are a true inspiration. Congrats on your new job and home. I giggled when I saw the chocolate drawer, because I have one too!


  2. When working with a of women, I agree – it’s imperative to have a designated chocolate drawer 🙂 love! And congrats! What a dream job!


  3. bellissimom

    Looks like a wonderful place to work! And a chocolate drawer is perfect.


  4. Jodi

    So happy you have joined the team and I love hanging / working with you already!!!! YAY.


  5. I am so happy for you that everything seems to fits in pretty well. Good luck with everything you do and please update us more!!


  6. This is just great!! Congratulations!! Let’s me know that my aspirations are not far fetched!! Best wishes on this new chapter in your life!


  7. Congratulations on your new venture! Your stunning pictures and words truly inspire and motivate me, as I want to have a similar career experience, albeit as a writer. I wish you all the best in all you do!


  8. How exciting for you…all! Another amazing Kellie chapter!!! Lookin’ forward to seeing things “shape up”!! Hugs…….


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