My New Room- Sneak Peak!

Finally! The hubs has finally set up the computer in our new home. This simple installment will make my life so much easier and more efficient. Simplicity and efficiency are the two things that my life craves right now. Each morning, I wake up feeling rushed heading out to work. By the time I get home, spend time w/ my Z, and prepare dinner, I am utterly exhausted.

I desperately need to come up w/ a daily routine that will not suck the life out of me. The fact that our new home is a complete chaotic mess is not helpful in the least bit. Getting dressed in the morning is a challenge in and of itself. Half the time, I have no clue how I look like (we don’t have a full length mirror yet!) and finally when we got one, it fell and broke. Go figure.

Weekends nowadays are such treasures. It is only then that we can breathe a little and focus on making our new home reflect who we are. While we have a huge challenge in front of us, at least I can start sprinkling little pretty things around our space. Whether these things are meaningful, uplifting, or inspirational…they make me simply HAPPY.

Here’s what I’ve done so far to a tiny corner in our bedroom.

new room4This is a typical Sunday morning. Wake up is 6:30am and the hubs catches up on work. Here he’s signing off on endless stacks of patient cases. We usually (try) to get something productive done before Zoey wakes up around 7:30ish.

Anyhow, I’m loving this Zebra printed chair in our bedroom. Since the room will mainly be off-whitish, light, and airy, this chair provides a good stylish balance. We are still missing a fluffy white rug and some curtains would be nice (and a bedframe)!

new room2This $20 thrifted drawer is so perfect for this tiny nook. I love the vintage feel of it. We also went orchid-crazy one day. Don’t they brighten and instantly bring life to any space? The fact that they last for months on end is a complete bonus!

Macro shots of all the things adorning the drawer:

new room3Cute inspirational books. Honestly, I’ve cracked open a few pages but still haven’t had the chance to dive in and live their stories. Will do on one cozy morning…

IMG_8537This is one of my newly favorite pieces of jewels. It obviously means a lot b/c it’s Zoey’s initial.

new roomI wish I can brag about how comfy these Gucci flats are but they just aren’t so. On the other hand, I totally dig my black bag. It’s versatile and you can’t go wrong w/ black!

new room5And here’s what’s happening on top of our bedroom fireplace mantel. Yes, we have a TV in our room. Shame on us!!

new room7On the other side of the “Mom” pendant, Zoey’s name and b-day are engraved on it. I like to keep her close to my heart, literally!

new room6How cute is this mini parfum bottle?

new room8And lastly but not least, these three rings are near and dear to my little heart.

More home updates to come. I’m excited to share before and after projects…

Now that my computer is easily accessible, I’m hoping to get back to my normal blogging schedule soon!

Thanks to all my new followers and returning readers for following LZM. After all, I’m just a normal person living a normal life. You know, just trying to juggle all of life’s responsibilities in the most sane way possible.

OMFreakin’ God! It’s midnight which means it’s 4 hrs passed my bedtime. I’m going to die tomorrow morning.

Images via yours truly


15 thoughts on “My New Room- Sneak Peak!

  1. Your new home looks gorgeous! High ceilings and hardwood floors, I am jealous of the fun you will furnishing and decorating it. Also, congratulations on the new job.


  2. Oh! Working life!! It can be surely so hectic! I just left it behind – don’t know how long it will last but at the moment blogging seems to be my priority, keep it up!


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