Meet Brittany Fischer.

There are many people who come into our lives and depart as they please without really leaving their marks. And then there are a handful of people who we connect right away for whatever reason. 

Brittany Fischer falls into the latter category.

Brittany and I recently met through Gloss48. At a glance, we can’t be more opposite. Brit is a gorgeous twenty-something blonde haired, bluish-green eyes kind of gal. And then there’s me- I’m NOTHING like Brit. 

But as fate would’ve put it, we ended up sitting next to each other at work and found out that we have something very unique in common. We are both creative in our own ways. While I do creative visual work for Gloss48, Brit does the creative writing. We also share something else in common- we both curate our own blogs. Brit’s blog is quite the opposite of mine. She has a natural way of writing that makes you chuckle after every sentence. It’s literally like reading a story and never wanting it to end. It’s THAT good! 

I’m so excited to introduce you to Brit who will contribute (1st guest blogger ever!) to Le Zoe Musings through a series call “Boys According to Brit.” This series is intended to be light-hearted and humorous. Through her posts, I hope that she will make your day a little brighter like she does mine everyday. After all, this is the girl who has perfected making my daily morning tea just how my palette prefers it- Orange Spice Decaf + 4 bags of raw sugar + a dash of half & half cream. Since she’s such a sweetheart and cares about the health of my unborn child, she will occasionally substitute my requested cream w/ either soymilk or almond vanilla milk. 

Please meet Brit, in her own words: 


Buckle up ladies, you’re in for a wild ride with Brit!

I’m Brit, and I have the absolute pleasure of working right beside Kellie at Gloss48. We instantly bonded due to our shared passions for blogging, fashion, sushi, and pretzels dipped in frosting. Because we both have kick@ss blogs, we thought it would be fun to spice things up and introduce each other to our readers. My blog is nothing like Kellie’s. I ramble on and on (and on) because I love to write and I have a LOT to say. Kellie, as you know, focuses more on aesthetics–her pictures are so insanely gorgeous! So, we decided we would each write a series for the other’s blog. Mine shall be called “Boys According to Brit” and it will (hopefully) be a hilarious account of my attempts to understand the Male Species. If “Sex and the City” and HBO’s “Girls” had a baby in the form of a blog series, this would be it. So get excited, girls– I’ll be back with my first post very soon!




P.S. In the meantime, if you want to check out my blog to see what I’m all about, click here. ( Stay tuned for Kellie’s series on my blog, which I shall call, “My Coworker’s Life is Effing Adorable”… because, well, isn’t it? I’m basically making her post tons of pics of Zoey (the cutest little muffin in the whole wide world), her house (my dream come true), and her clothes (*sigh*…if only). 

Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Meet Brittany Fischer.

  1. Kellie, thanks for introducing Brit, and Brit, I look forward to reading your work! Pictures that are decadent eye candy + words that you want to devour=blogs that are a true treat for the readers.


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