My Mini-Jewelry Station

Yesterday was one of those days. I completely had a 2 min. meltdown at work. My high priority to-do list is a mile long since our launch is just around the corner and the worse thing happened. I was enjoying a cup of hot chocolate w/ whipped cream when my clumsy pregnant self knocked it all over my brand new work laptop.

Brittany and I feverishly tried to wipe down the mess but my laptop was DEAD. Life was over for a split second. I had SO MUCH to do, now what?!

I will NEVER look at hot chocolate w/ whipped cream the same way again.

Thankfully my tech-savvy hubs saved my life. He took the laptop apart, let it dried overnight, put it back together, and voila! It came back to life.

Switching gears to a totally non-related, drama-free subject…

For the past two weekends, I’ve been organizing and cleaning my new abode like a crazy lady. Today, I tackled my temporary closet and added a little jewelry station. Most of my jewels are still packed in clear bags and stored in my shoe closet. I finally unraveled most of my rings and some of my arm stacks and displayed them neatly (lets see how long it stays that way!) onto acrylic trays.

jewels4This should make my life a tad bit easier as I accessorize in the a.m.

jewels2jewels6I absolutely love the look of lucite/acrylic. They create such a minimalistic and clean appeal.

jewelsOK. So here’s the secret- this is NOT really a ring display but rather a lipstick display which you can get for about $14 on ebay or amazon.

jewels3Another hidden secret? My acrylic notepad organizer doubles as my bracelet display tray.

jewels5My tip on organizing? Make it LOOK GOOD. I find that if I display things out nicely and neatly (boutique-like), then I’ll more likely wear it. What is smarter than shopping in your own closet? Talk about a money saver approach!

What’s your tip on organizing? Please share!

Now where to put the rest of my jewels? I need to find a home for the necklaces and earrings!

Wayyy passed my bedtime…Goodnight world!


15 thoughts on “My Mini-Jewelry Station

  1. You have a beautiful jewelry collection! Love the way you organize them. On the side note, it’s always good and beautiful to have a handy fix-it-all hubby around *_^


  2. I use an empty blue wine bottle for my bracelets, a tiered watch holder for some of my necklaces, an owl shaped earring holder, and ceramics dishes for the rest (Italian flea market finds!). I am the same as you-if it looks pretty, I will wear them!


  3. You were lucky with your laptop, phew! A friend of mine did that, only that the laptop never revived again. Gorgeous jewelry collection!


  4. Hi! I have been using acrylic trays to organize my jewelry for a while but never thought of using a lipstick display for rings. Instead I’ve been using a little silver tree where rings can be stacked. It looks pretty but it’s quite difficult to retrieve a ring from the bunch. Using a lipstick tray instead is a brilliant idea, thanks for the tip!


  5. Having some serious ring envy…we have similar taste in amazing chunky rings 🙂 You’ve inspired me to organize my jewelry, it’s currently laying around in boxes and literally hanging off the hinges of my door…hoarder alert.


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