Get Ready for a VIP Launch…

For the past few weeks, Team Gloss48 has been working feverishly to re-launch the site. 8 hrs of work days fly by like 30 mins. YES! We all LOVE our jobs that much. Don’t get me wrong, as hard as we work, we still find time to enjoy life’s tiny pleasures such as taking little pretzel party breaks (where we join force enjoying pretzels dipped in frosting), getting our nails did, and leisurely sipping on fall-flavored lattes.

Oh yea…did I also mention that we even managed to find the time to squeeze in in-office facial treatments? Talk about THE. BEST. JOB. EVER.

Meet the Gloss48 Team. These ladies inspire me everyday. I’m super lucky to work w/ such talented and stylish women!


And here’s a tidbit about what Gloss48’s all about:

RELAUNCH2If you are a beauty junkie or someone who just loves to try new, exciting beauty products once in a blue moon, Gloss48 is the destination for you! Click here to sign up before our official launch (in just a few short days)!

And just for signing up pre-launch, we are offering early access and a promo code for $5 off of your first purchase. Want more?  Share the love and you will earn $5 for each friend when they make their first purchase!

RELAUNCHDon’t just stare at the screen! Click HERE to sign up Now!!

Have a wonderful Thursday.


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