Radiator Charm

What a beautiful Saturday morning! Each morning we are awakened by the stir that Zoey makes as she crawls into our bed. Most of the time, this happens at 5:30am. Today, she climbed into our bed at 7am. It’s very precious and sweet. She lays right between us and as the mornings get chillier, it’s very cozy to have her in bed with us. The best part of it all? She’ll wrap her tiny arms around my neck and gives me a peck right on my lips. She’s the best gift ever.

Enough of morning ramblings.

One of the things that I love most about our new abode is that each room has a vintage cast iron radiator. Most likely, you wouldn’t be able to find these charming gadgets in modern homes. I’m so glad that the home of our dreams has so many wonderful details that only homes back then would have.

Although we still haven’t painted our walls, I’ve spruced up most of the radiators in the house. This one lives in our main living room.

radiator charm White vases are filled w/ Cherry Blossom branches. 

radiator charm2I can’t believe Z was only 3 mths in this pic. Time flies!

radiator charm3And here she is today- in a sweater dress and printed tights. Ready to go foliage sight-seeing w/ mommy and daddy!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Images by yours truly. Canon 5D Mark ii.


7 thoughts on “Radiator Charm

  1. Love the white radiator and adorable photo of Zoey! Radiators in homes here on the west coast just don’t exist, gets me a bit jealous about the little old touches you can find like radiators.


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