Bump It Up #2

I can’t say that I feel (or look) my best while sportin’ a bump. It’s getting more challenging dressing up the growing belly. Two days ago, I wore the most hideous outfit to work- and believe me, it influenced the way I felt the entire day…ugly and ghastly.

I totally believe that looking your best on the outside also makes you feel better inside. The way you carry yourself is just different when you feel that much more confident about your outfit, your hair, your skin, etc.

Trust me, I know how hard it is to try to put your best glossy foot forward. I don’t wake up in the morning having 15 mins set aside to make myself look presentable. In all honesty, most days I apply my 5 min. makeup face while going to work (waiting for the shuttle, being on the train, or even walking to the office!). I just don’t have the time.

I’ve absolutely turned into one of those women who I used to cringe at. Who applies makeup in public?! NOW, I get it.

Here’s the 2nd installment of the series, Bump It UP!, where I showcase my bump outfits at work, play, and everywhere else in between!

the bumpWe’ve introduced the bump to Zoey. She knows that ‘baby’ means bump.ย 

foliageMommy and me on a desolate Autumn road.

ensembleHave a wonderful night!


13 thoughts on “Bump It Up #2

  1. Gorgeous. Great shots. I totally agree about your outfit etc. influencing your inner state. My husband will say to me sometimes “Why are you putting on make-up, we’re just ____ fill in the blank.” I always respond. “The make-up is for me, not for ___.” However, that being said. I am also a big fan of pretending– when I can’t get the outer just right for whatever reason. I just pretend I look fabulous, and remind myself that no one else views me with as critical an eye as I do, and then I just pretend I look my best, so that at least I can act that way.


  2. You look super nice in these photos. I’ve always admired pregnant women who looked nice. I always thought I’d have a “glow.” Instead my hair dried out and was hard to manage. And I felt too tired to get excited about my clothes, but I faked it. I did a little sewing. I was in L.A. at the beginning of summer when I was due. I found that having a nice pair of maternity jeans and a nice pair of maternity jeans shorts expanded my wardrobe and white pants looked fresh for spring and summer. Then I could get creative with my blouses and shirts. Your jacket and boots are pure class. It’ll be interesting to see how you dress for winter.


  3. I love the coat’s color and the leather weave detail of the boots. Beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I totally agree with you on how an outfit/look can make or break your day, which is why I try to look good all the time. Best to start each morning on a positive note.

    And yes, now that I’m raising a kid and sleep is such a luxury, most of the time, I get to put on my makeup in the office, tooโ€”yikes!!! :p


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