Halloween Ramblings and LVX

Hello! Hope all is well…

Yesterday, I found out that the pumpkins adorning our front doorsteps were gone. Yes, there’s a pumpkin thief hanging out in the neighborhood. Such a shame! We had grande plans for those pumpkins as far as carving them and turning them into scary creatures. At least Zoey will be a happy camper- her aunt carved Hello Kitty and Elmo pumpkins for her (pictures to follow!).

Supposedly, our new neighborhood’s Halloween celebration is MASSIVE. There’s a costume parade starting at 5:30pm which will consist of a square dancing flash mob number. The two historical parks in front of our house will have haunted, but not spooky houses for the kids among other child-friendly events. We’re expecting 3K+ trick-or-treaters to stop by. I’m really excited for Zoey to experience this over the top Halloween celebration and for us to be kids for the night. 

On a work-related note… Have you check out Gloss48? If you haven’t, you need to today. We are bringing back LVX, a nail polish brand whose color collections are inspired by the runway. You will never have to worry about not sportin’ the latest nail trend again.

I love getting my nails polished. I don’t think there’s a better (or cheaper) pick-me-up than a glam, glossy mani. I‘m not really a daring person when it comes to fashion or beauty, but with nails- I can do. Bright bold blue nails- check. Glamorous red- check. Mad black- check. Minty green- check. Name a color and I’ve probably had it on my nails.

Lips, on the other hand? Uh- not so much!

Here’s a little sneak peak of some of the colors currently on Gloss48 at a discounted price:

LVX Collage 529You are obsessed? Grab them now before it’s too late. Click here to SHOP.

And if you are wondering what I’m rockin’ on my digits today (jewels and all), check out my Instagram!

Have a wonderful day from Boston.


5 thoughts on “Halloween Ramblings and LVX

  1. Oh, no that sucks! I thought about leaving our pumpkins outside but changed my mind. Well, I hope some kid is having fun with your pumpkins…so loving your blog still. hope you’re well! xo g


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