NYC Bound

Happy Tuesday morning! 

Yesterday, the bump and I had a LONG night. We stayed up until midnight to finish off some work-related projects. 

This morning, the bump and I woke up before sunrise to pack and get things ready for our business trip. We are heading to New York City for an editor’s event. Our company, Gloss48, is hosting a Fabulous launch party!

NYC bound2More on this “Bump It Up” outfit later…

Follow me here, on Instagram, for instant happenings on what our team will be doing while we invade NYC (p.s. we are all having blowouts at Dream Dry, Rachel Zoe’s hair salon) and how I will be dressing the bump up for a glamorous night! 

P.S.S. I will miss my Zoey tonight…she will be w/o mommy but will be in good hands w/ daddy.

Have a wonderful day!


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