Gloss48’s Launch Party!

Good morning! It’s such a beautiful Autumn day here in Boston. I just absolutely love looking out my bedroom window. The view is magnificent- colorful maple trees and rows of gas light lamp posts lining the charming neighborhood streets. Soon, these posts will be all decked out for the holiday. There’s over 200 of them in my neighborhood so imagine how gorgeous, festive, and cheerful they will look! Add snow to the mix and I’ll be in holiday dreamland.

I’ve never felt more at home. I LOVE LOVE our new place!!

Enough of early morning musings.

A few short weeks ago, the Gloss48 team hosted a launch party in NYC. We held an editor’s event at the Hudson Terrace’s penthouse where we mingled with editors from  Allure, Glamour, InStyle, and the likes. We also gave out stylish swag bags filled with the most fabulous beauty products from our niche-beauty brand partners. Sounds glitzy and glamorous right? It was!

My ‘bump it up’ outfit was a fitted knee-length navy dress w/ black lace sleeves by H&M. I topped it off with a semi ghetto-fabulous statement necklace (c/o

Here’s a behind the scenes peek (via instagram) of our NYC invasion.


InstagramEarly next morning, I met up with Jill, our CEO at starbucks for a quick coffee run then went into Laura’s room for some morning chit-chat. Afterwards, Brit and I grabbed a healthy breakfast which included french toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, and kale salad (told you it was healthy!). Afterwards, we squeezed in some shopping at CWonder before heading back.

Also on the very next morning, Gloss48 was featured on! Because that’s how we roll…

glamourTo visit Gloss48, click here. Want to know all the instant happenings? Follow me on Instagram!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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