The Big Sister

Zoey is going to be a big sister soon! Lately, she’s been into books and often picks out her favorites for a quick read.

zoeyJust like mommy, she digs sweater dresses b/c they are so comfy, stylish, and cozy!

zoey 2Also like mommy, Zoey wears her hair in a bun 95% of the time. It’s just so effortlessly chic.

zoey 3I think she’s going to be the best big sister. EVER.


9 thoughts on “The Big Sister

  1. And the cute scarf is the final touch! She is the big sister indeed… I see she is ready to teach so many stylish and fun things 😉
    Congratulation for your pregnancy Kellie! Having 2 kids is challenging, but it’s worth it every single second of your life!
    Bacio, Chiara


  2. That is such a wonderful interest she has & I’m proud of her! As someone & a brand that supports the education of children, we cheer her on! Also, congrats on the baby again, I have been following your outfit styles during your pregnancy and even your house hunting days. Wish you a safe delivery when the little one arrives 🙂


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