Candy Cane Nails

It sure doesn’t feel like X-Mas in sunny Fl but that doesn’t mean your digits have to reflect the mood! I miss the cold air, festive lights, and snow up in Boston but spending time with my family here in Miami makes up for the lack of holiday ‘feel’.

We’ve been having massive family get-togethers every evening and enjoying each other’s company and all the yummy food! Yesterday, Zoey and I got really spoiled…my sisters glammed up our digits and toes for the holiday. Mommy & me are currently sporting matching candy cane designs. Although, I think Zoey’s is much cooler than mine!

ccnails1cc collageHow cute are Zoey’s toes?!

Polishes: Red in Bungle Jungle by Essie, Iridescent sparkles in Sparkle On Top by Luxe Effects.

howtoCreate candy cane stripes w/ a super thin nail brush.

BUMP NEWSIn other news, the bump is continually expanding everyday. Feeling great and very grateful.

Happy Holidays!


19 thoughts on “Candy Cane Nails

  1. The nails are so sweet and beautiful. It is amazing how Zoe could sit still for the job to be done. I always fidget and squirm due to the tickles. And loovvee your top.


  2. Most excellent. I must show this to mommy and see if she can do her nails this week this weekend. Thanks my friend… and eggplant 🙂 XOXO – Bacon


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