All in the Bootie!

Hello! Are you ready for X-Mas? I’m super excited to spend the eve at my eldest sister’s house where she will be cooking for the family. She is expecting me to whip up a few side dishes. However, I don’t have any plans in place yet!

Hmmm..what to cook?! Do you have any suggestions?

Zoey will be the center of attention and will open presents (solo) that night. I guess when you are the only niece of 5 loving aunts and 3 silly uncles, you’re surely be cherished.

In other news, my sister, Xanh just celebrated her birthday. My gift to her was these gorgeous Manolo booties. They are so versatile and can be worn dressed down w/ a pair of skinny jeans or dressed up w/ a sleek stylish dress.

xI snapped some pics of her rockin’ her new kicks.

man olo blahnik2xanh collageI’ve always wanted to shoot Xanh but she would never agree to it. I def. took advantage of this rare opportunity to photograph her! It’s probably the first and last time that this will happen.


x4x9x8x6x5x3And good night world…


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