Outside. Inside.

We are trying to stay as warm and cozy as possible as the worst of the nor’easter approaches closer. Outside, a blanket of snow covers the ground. Inside, I’m all bundled up and trying to keep my toes toasty with fuzzy slippers.

Took a few steps outside my house to snap some pics before everything was completely covered in white.

It looks magical as the rows of festive gas lampposts light up the hilly snow covered streets. It’s the most perfect view outside my bedroom window.


INSIDEToday was a work at home day. It doesn’t get better than leisurely enjoying a cup of hot milk tea (w/ whipped cream & caramel syrup) as Ms. Z takes her nap.

Stay safe and warm! Good night world.


17 thoughts on “Outside. Inside.

  1. Photos right out of a Dicken’s landscape. Be safe/stay warm. We are bracing for the -30F (on the thermometer!) Sun. & Mon. nights. The MN governor has already closed all MN schools for Monday! Monday’s HIGH is -16F…….whoa!!!!!! Hunkering down!!!! Hugs………


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