SewLomax Lipstick Pouch

I often get five of my sisters the same exact gift. I think it’s the only fair way when you have so many sisters and don’t want any of them to think that they got the ‘less’ desirable item. However, this makes it challenging to find that one perfect gift that would suit five different personalities.

I was very lucky this time. I mean, I work in the beauty industry and am inundated with the best niche beauty products everyday. It doesn’t stop with lipsticks, mascaras, and serums. There are also atomizers, candles, and makeup pouches. And not just any regular boring mass-produced makeup pouches. These are handcrafted from UK with gold stitching kind of makeup pouches. The kind that you would probably never find until… now.

This Christmas, each of my sisters received a SewLomax Red Lipstick Makeup Pouch. Each pouch came tucked in the cutest gift tissue packaging and then placed inside a gorgeous SewLomax stamped box. I seriously couldn’t think of a better gift. Who doesn’t need a travel size makeup pouch?!


sewlomax3 sewlomax4The gold stitching looks so much better in person!

sewlomaxWant one for yourself or for someone special in your life? You can get this design or other really cute ones at our site, Gloss48. And yep, there are also cute bags for the men in your life!

sewlomax2Click on the image below to shop and also grab the code to get free shipping! Enjoy…



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