Date Night Makeup Tutorial (and Coupon Code!)

Most of you may probably already know that I work for this REALLY FABULOUS company called Gloss48 (an online beauty site that offers amazing promotional prices on niche beauty products for 7 days).

As the Creative Producer, I develop and produce creative work in line with Gloss48’s branding style to visually represent the company’s online identity. One of my work responsibilities includes producing beauty videos. Recently, I shot Brittany Fischer, our Beauty Editor (AKA my Creative Half) as she shows us how to create a ‘Natural’ Date Night Look using mostly CAILYN Cosmetics (on sale now at Gloss48). There’s even a bonus- Brittany will also show how to achieve the most gorgeous wavy locks!

Here’s Brit’s little blurb about the video and boys (a continuation to her guest post series, “Boys According to Brit”, here on LZM)

Boys know a lot. They know a lot about cars, sports, and movies. They know a lot about stereos. They know a lot about grilling and seasoning various meats. 

But boys are also complete idiots. They are especially moronic, I’ve found, when it comes to cosmetics. All boys claim that they they like us to look “natural” and that we would be prettier without “so much makeup.” They have no idea what they’re talking about.
What they mean, I think, is that they want us to look flawless and striking, of course–but they want to notice our features, not our makeup. They want to notice our big bright eyes, but don’t want to see layers and layers of mascara and eyeliner. They want our skin to have that “just-laid” glow, but they don’t want to see cakey foundation or concealer on it. They want our lips to be rosy, soft, and kissable but they are terrified of dark red lipstick. 
All this said, getting ready for a date (especially a first date) can feel pretty damn impossible. You want to look flirty and gorgeous, but not fake, and it’s a very tough balance to find. So, I created a makeup tutorial to walk you through my favorite look for a night out with a member of the male species. Shimmery and feminine, it’s relatively natural, but not bland in the slightest. Even better? It’s easy as pie.
Watch and learn, and then go get ’em, you minx you.
makeupEnjoy the video! (Click on HD for best viewing) ** Note, Brit also used CAILYN’S Mineral Eyeshadow in KONA on her crease (not shown in video).

And here’s a COUPON CODE (LEZOE) to get $10 OFF a $30 purchase. Click here to shop!

lezoe codeHave a GREAT Wednesday!

Let me know what you think of the video and if you would like to see more beauty video tutorials here on LZM!


7 thoughts on “Date Night Makeup Tutorial (and Coupon Code!)

  1. This is really cool. I love the eye shadow application. Unfortunately I’m a ditz when it comes to makeup, like I came straight off the farm, so I tend to need start to finish videos so that I can really learn how to apply it myself. 😦

    Thanks for sharing!


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