Inspiring Workspaces

Happy Sunday! It’s 8am here and we are wide awake ready to start our day. Lately, I can’t do much without enduring back pain. I have about eight weeks to go until the baby pops out. My nesting instincts are kicking into high gear and I want everything to be done and ready although I know it’s not going to happen.

One of the to-do’s on my list is to convert a small room that’s connected to our bedroom into a workspace. These work areas give me plenty of ideas!

Click on image for source.

Love the acrylic chair


craft workspace

workspaceindustrial workspace


Ikea workspace

Do you have a work area that’s inspiring? I can’t wait for mine to be completed. Just another big project added onto a massive list of things to be done…

A girl can dream.


11 thoughts on “Inspiring Workspaces

  1. Looks like they all get a healthy dose vitamin D. Amazing light-filled spaces to work in!

    Kasia, Doris Leslie Balu


  2. Love the slight rustic feel of the one with the mannequin and the typewriter – Beautiful! I’m back to blogging by the way – you may remember me from A Blooming Dream but my url is now I’m not sure if my posts still show up on your reader so if you want to, you could maybe unfollow and follow again? That should do the trick. It would be much appreciated x


  3. These are gorgeous and would certainly make me productive. If you have 8 weeks to go, sit down and take a rest every now and then, you work hard and certainly deserve it! 🙂


  4. As much as I love color in my life, this is why I love a clean white wall in my workspace. It provides clarity for me to be creative elsewhere. Love these photos and am inspired to work on my office! This is what my future studio will look like one day!


  5. We have just moved, and my work space still looks like storage. An oak table, a kitchen chair, my notebook and lots of random stuff piled high around me. I need to get more shelves to stash away my books, and then we can finally also use the sleep sofa (piled high with books), think about carpeting (floor full of books) and decoration (besides books).


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