Bed Hair Friday

Today was one of those unanticipated mommy duty call days. Zoey stayed home from school because she wasn’t feeling too well so the hubs and I took turns taking care of her. I had her solo for the first half of the day so he can attend his meetings.

From wake up time til’ when the hubs got home, my 8 month pregnant self had done dishes, laundry, bathe Zoey, and cooked lunch. Not to mention also juggling working from home! Life doesn’t slow down when you need it to the most. My back desperately needed a break.

At some point, mommy & me took a long nap and Zoey woke up with the most voluminous bed hair! Her hair has taken on its own personality- full of oomph and life.z2Being solemn and not her vivacious self. I just hate it when she’s under the weather.

Lately, she’s been amusing us by calling her daddy “hunnie” b/c that’s how I address him. She would say things like “hunnieeeeee come outside!” or “hunnie, hunnie, let’s go!”

She never fails to make us laugh.

Have a wonderful weekend!


13 thoughts on “Bed Hair Friday

  1. what a sweetie. I’m currently up watching over my daughter who’s having her first bout with the stomach flu 😒. hope your (gorgeous!) little one feels better soon.


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