The Gift

Let me start off with this…Valentine’s for us has never been about gifts. EVER. It has always been about the card-to-card exchanging action. Some yrs. there are flowers and others we may even go all fancy with a dinner date. However, with a toddler in the mix, who has time to plan such extravagant V-days?! 

So imagine my surprise when the hubs took a detour the other night after picking me up from work. We parked by the Hermes store which made me suspicious. I finally asked “Where are we going?” My guess was that he had planned an early V-day dinner since he’s going to be away for business (leaving his 9mth pregnant wife solo with a toddler). A pre-planned dinner wouldn’t be too much to ask right?! Instead, he replied “We’re stopping by Hermes to get YOUR bracelet.”

Ummm…of course it’s MINE, I’ve been swooning over it for the longest time! 

However, I did paused and asked “Are you SURE?!, it’s pretty expensive.” His response was “Yes, because you like it.”

OK!! I don’t need to be convinced twice!

Prior to going in, we exchanged V-day cards in the car. I had his all ready to go and was planning to sneak it in his luggage. Romantic situation right? Not so much. Zoey was in the back screaming to get out of her car seat after spilling juice all over herself…

Zoey had a great time helping mommy choose the gift. She dashed around in the store and even tried on a few options before giving her approval to The One. 

pics via instagram. 

Pic in a pic: us sealing a dance w/ a kiss at our wedding reception. 

After Zoey and daddy’s input, this was The One. I have a tiny wrist and the PM size fits like a glove. 

Afterwards, we enjoyed dinner at a fantastic Italian restaurant. It was one memorable V-day celebration!

Happy Valentine’s to all.


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