My Work Baby Shower!

I am extremely blessed with the most amazing colleagues ever. We work hard, laugh hard, and really cherish each other. Yesterday was my last day at work (I’m officially on maternity leave!). On Wednesday, the ladies surprised me with the most awesome baby shower.

First, Mara (our resident blowout expert) gave me a much needed hair makeover at our “G48 salon”. Afterwards, they whisked me away to Nix’s Mate at the Hilton Hotel in the Financial District part of Boston- conveniently located just several blocks away from our office. There we enjoyed great conversation and yummy bites. While the girls sipped on cocktails, I happily indulged in my fruity carbonated mocktail.

The cutest part was receiving these sweet handcrafted redeemable tickets that Brittany skillfully created. Here are a few examples of what I can look forward to:

Date Night Love: this ticket entitles you to one full night of AMAZABALLS childcare by former nanny Brit and ‘bundle of  joy’ lover Mara.

Glossy Date #1: This ticket admits you to a delicious lunch or dinner with the Gloss48 team, free of charge. Unlimited flow of Plum wine included.

Le Zoe-ish Lunch: This ticket admits you to the lunch of your dreams, one worthy of a LE ZOE post, with the Glossy Gals. Peonies, candles, & faux fur required.

How lucky am I?!!

Images from my work baby shower, via instagram.

my work babyshowerHave a great weekend and thanks for letting me share snippets of my life…

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6 thoughts on “My Work Baby Shower!

  1. hey… that was amazing… u r lucky to have such lovely colleagues Kellie… eagerly waiting for the baby 😀 all the best..enjoy ur maternity leaves 🙂 take care


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