A Week’s Recap

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been both exhausting and fun. Axel is almost a month old and he’s been more challenging than usual. He’s up every two hrs. at night and refuses to nap during the day unless I hold him so it’s a bit difficult to do anything else.

Somehow, I managed to prepare two light lunches, one for my bosses and the other for my colleagues (which I named A Light Fare & A Plum Wine Party respectively). It was so much fun catching up on work and personal news. These ladies are so amazing and just a reminder of how lucky I am to have them in my life. Loving my Gloss48 family!

The Z update: Zoey has been a great big sister. When Axel cries, she would say “It’s OK, baby.” However, there are times when she feels a bit left out and would squeeze onto my lap while I’m holding Axel. Other times, she would ask daddy to hold her… just because. I find that it’s important to spend time with Zoey separately so mommy & me worked on a project. Got some spring blossoms and created a few flower arrangements.

images via instagram.

fRIDAY RECAP 2Thanks to the Kravetz’s family for Axel’s first blue box!

Anddd…excited for tomorrow. My sister’s visiting and we vowed to drink healthy green smoothies and take walks twice daily for the duration that she’s here. Yep, can’t wait to fit into them blue jeans again!


5 thoughts on “A Week’s Recap

  1. I know I’ve been absent but I so appreciate your gorgeous updates!! Axel is such a doll……of course! And Ms Zoey (w/ the flowers) is such a young lady!!! Your life has had so many lovely changes and I’ve so loved coming along on your life journey!!! Blessings to you all………………and hugs…………


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