Nail Files

I don’t remember the last time I wore my hair down, or dressed up for a date night, or showered on a daily basis for that matter. Seriously, what have I turned into? I once was THAT girl. The one who used to wear heels anytime, anywhere, and with everything. Even jogging pants.

That was a lifetime ago. The Pre-mommyhood Era as I call it.

But no matter how hectic life has become, I can always count on my nails to make me happy. Give me about 10 mins. and I can turn those dried cracked ongles into glamorous digits. Lately, I’ve been digging anything coral/orange- lips, blush, and of course mani’s.

Nail FilesSo even if my hair’s up in a lazy bun, I’m still feeling fancy.

Happy Tuesday!


12 thoughts on “Nail Files

  1. Your nails look fabulous!!! How can you do this so perfectly yourself? I always polish the skin around my nails, too! Especially when polishing my right hand with my left hand… I wish I could do it this accurately!!!


  2. Absolutely beautiful! I can agree with many things you mentioned. As a mommy of 5 boys I know exactly what you mean:) Every Sunday is my day to get my nails done, it’s something about getting your nails done that make you feel put together at least for me:) Great post, and that color is so pretty!


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