Zoey in the City

Zoey is now 2 months shy of 3 yrs old and I’ll have to say that we didn’t really go through too much terrible two tantrums (knock on wood!).  Sure, there were a few incidents where she went a little crazy but I can probably count those times on my one hand.  I think for the most part, tantrums are preventable.

What I find works well is giving her a hug when she’s upset and that usually calms her down. What makes it worse is responding negatively with yelling or threatening.  Usually, that will encourage her to be more defiant and she’ll react with a full blown temper tantrum.  No matter what, it always ends with a hug so why not do that from the beginning instead of waiting until after she goes haywire?

Kids just want to be loved even when they don’t get what they want. I’m no perfect parent and I’m learning along the way…

We also do a lot of rewards, we call them ‘surprises’. For example, if she uses the big toilet for potty time, she’ll get a ‘surprise’ and Zoey LOVES her surprises. Surprises can range from stickers, pencils, chocolates, gummies, to books. That’s the fun part, she never knows what she’ll get!

Here’s Zoey in the city on her way to afternoon tea at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

Zoey in the cityZoey’s favorite phrase is ‘be nice’.  It’s hard not to laugh when I raise my voice at her because she’ll say “Mommy, be nice OKAY?” 

OK, she got me!

And b/c I know you’ll ask, Zoey’s adorable jacket is from ZARA & shoes from Momo Baby.

Happy Friday.


10 thoughts on “Zoey in the City

  1. Zoey is sooo adorable!! I know you mentioned the “be nice” phrase before,but I giggle everytime I read it again. And that jacket just makes her more adorable… awww, the cute design. I am so glad you hug her instead of yell or threaten.


  2. Absolutely adorable. And I love your parenting method. My parents would definitely yell and threaten if I or my little brother threw a tantrum when we were young, which just is not the right way to go about handling that situation.


  3. Happy Friday, Kellie! Zoey is too adorable and I just love her facial expressions. Sounds like you’ve discovered the perfect way to curb temper tantrums. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! And her little coat is gorgeous. I wish they made it in my size!

    I hope you’re blessed with beautiful weather this weekend. I’m looking forward to lots of sunshine here in Toronto this weekend finally!

    xo Donna


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